Shared electromobility for communities.
Simply for everyone.

Peoplecar is cars for people. Cars that are run by the community, but serve everyone else too.

A real investment for all. A clean car whenever you need it. Eco-friendly transport without any hassle.
We will arrange everything for you.

Don't be afraid of sharing. These are just some of its benefits: 

Having a car at your disposal, even if you don't own one.

Shared cars will replace insufficient public infrastructure and increase service accessibility in the area. In other words, no more waiting for hours for a bus, traveling to the doctor with your grandma, carrying heavy groceries by hand, or postponing responsibilities and entertainment just because transportation is slow or unavailable.

An attractive village without wrecks on the streets

Peoplecar is a comprehensive car-sharing system in close cooperation with the municipality, which acts as its founder and investor. The community will replace old and expensive service vehicles with modern and environmentally friendly cars that won't remain inactive for most of their "life." Citizens can easily borrow them anytime through the app.

Eco-friendly and sustainable transport

Modern electric cars, dedicated parking spots with their own charging stations, clean streets without underutilised vehicles. Community electromobility will "clean up" the town and offer a comfortable and safe ride that doesn't burden the environment, doesn't disturb neighbours with noise, and doesn't compromise traffic safety.

"Sharing represents a modern approach to transportation and services in your community: It eliminates differences, overcomes barriers, shortens distances and opens up new possibilities for everyone."

Patrik Bures, Co-Founder

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We care about our citizens, the amenities of our communities, and the environment in which we live.

Smaller communities are our home, and we wouldn't change that. However, we are well aware of the public transportation challenges outside of major cities and the fact that sometimes you can't do it without a car. But thanks to Peoplecar, you don't have to save up for a new one or invest in a second car. You will find the shared one in a familiar place and it will be exclusively yours for as long as you wish.

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