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Eco-friendly car, always at hand. Cleverly, simply.

In smaller towns and villages where frequent connections and perfect public transport connections cannot be relied upon, car sharing makes real sense. They offer the comfort of your own car at a reasonable price, and passenger transport in the region can be as efficient as in major cities thanks to them, accessible to everyone.
Why Peoplecar?

Peoplecar brought to you 

unique advantages

Safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly car constantly at hand. No worries and extra expenses.

Save money and time

Today, a car represents an investment of hundreds of thousands, which makes you wonder whether to buy a car (or a second car for the family) at all. A Peoplecar shared car is at your disposal at any time and will save you time and effort just as well as owning one. And you can invest the money saved in real joys.

You can book a car through the app

You can book your car through a clear mobile application that will not allow you to make a mistake. For all cases, there is also our Infoline. Your community cars park at a designated spot, you don't have to look for them anywhere. You come to a charged car, and when you return, you just plug it back into the charger.

You do not deal with maintenance, insurance or changing of tyres

A new car loses its value at the moment of purchase. With each passing year, the cost of servicing, changing or technical inspections increases. Peoplecar does not require an initial investment and you only pay for the time you actually use the car. You leave the worry to us.

No restrictions and hidden fees

The rental price is governed by the hourly rate. You don't have to recalculate kilometers or stressful minutes. An hour with a car will take you no more than coffee and dessert. And no one will decide how much you drive in that time. No additional fees or limited mileage like in a car rental.

A car for all situations

You are ordered to the doctor at seven and you have to get up at five to catch the bus. Your buddies are at the swimming pool and calling you to arrive. You need to go to town to buy a new table. Would you like to pick up a visitor at the station. If only you had a car... with Peoplecar you have it.

You drive with respect for yourself and nature

You can look forward to modern electric cars that offer comfortable driving, advanced security systems, comfortable seating and a smooth ride. The silent electric drive does not disturb the neighbors, even when you drive at five in the morning, and does not infest the environment in which you live.

Zaregistrujte se zdarma během minuty a vyjeďte.

Shared electromobility is the future

“Imagine a comfortable car that you have at your disposal whenever you need it. You only pay for it when you actually use it, you don't have to go to the service with it, and it costs you no extra expenses or worries. With Peoplecar, you simply have it.

Marek Burza, co-founder