About Us

Our priorities: Accessibility, sustainability and comfort

We believe that the future of smaller communities is a contented life in a quiet, clean environment with the availability of convenient transport, which will take us as well behind duties as joys. And it will be environmentally friendly, economical and affordable for everyone.

We're people like you. We ourselves live outside the big cities and we know very well that the friendly atmosphere and lively community in smaller villages are made up of satisfied residents who have everything they need in advance and do not have to adapt their way of life to the road.

This is how we came up with an idea that we named Peoplecar — electric cars for people that will equally serve the municipality and its residents. We combined knowledge from our fields and breathed life into a community car sharing project that is second to none in our country.

Did you know that passenger cars, including business cars, remain 80% unused? Peoplecar will enable municipal funds to invest smartly — to serve everyone, and bring maximum use and minimum worry.

"Sustainable development of our cities and accessible mobility with respect for nature is one of the main challenges of today. Our goal is to help municipalities offer citizens a modern and sustainable future full of possibilities."

Pavel Tipan, co-founder
For us, community electric mobility is not just a trend or an alternative, but a natural progression in the development of passenger transport. And now also the opportunity to build closer relations between the municipality and its inhabitants and become a partner to the citizens on whom they can rely.
We are professionals in logistics, operations and energy. Now we want to use the many years of experience from large multinational companies in a project that makes more sense to us. We are fully available for your questions and are happy to provide all processes associated with the participation in the program and the operation of the cars.
Your community can be a better place to live. We look forward to building it together with you.

Simply leave a contact. We'll get back to you.

We will prepare solutions tailored to your needs. We will provide everything for the satisfaction of your citizens and friendly to nature. Let's build a sustainable future together.
Thank you for your interest.
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Our team

We are professionals with rich experience from startups and from the international corporate environment and we do not lack the motivation to complete a good job to the end.
Patrik Bureš

Patrik Bureš

Co-founder and CEO
For over 16 years I have worked in the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK in the environment of large multinational corporations, including Lidl and the CEZ Group. My specialization was providing legal advice, always with the ambition to find innovative, safe and workable solutions. I approach the work with determination to bring things to an end, perseverance and consistency in solving problems. In my free time, I like to devote my two children the most, I like to go mountain biking in nature, I run occasionally and I like to ski in the winter.
+420 725 668 595
Pavel Tipan

Pavel Tipan

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
For over 25 years, my mission has been to manage sections, departments, warehouses and logistics centers for Lidl, Hortim, PNS and Rohlík.cz. I specialize in team management, optimization and implementation of new processes and operations management. I bring a rational and systematic approach to problem solving into my work. I like to spend my free time on trips with my family or relaxing on fish and mushroom picking.
+420 773 560 595
Marek Burza

Marek Burza

Co-founder and COO
I have 20 years of experience managing logistics centers, planning budgets and investments, and managing both operations and teams. I have worked with brands such as Rohlík and Lidl, where I also worked as head of logistics for the Czech Republic. I tackle even the most challenging challenges with my own calmness, insight and humor. In my spare time I like to ski, ride a motorbike and always enjoy Italian cuisine.
+420 602 556 164